Manage IoT devices through decentralized identities

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Identity Gateway

The identity management platform for the Internet of Things



Manage IoT devices through decentralized identities


Easily manage thousands of devices and their identities


Create trusted services and data streams


Build an interoperable security infrastructure


Authenticate and authorize third parties

Key Benefits

Get strategic advantages through a simple & secure digital transformation

Resilient growth

Reduce the risk of third-party dependencies, loss of control, data theft, single point of failures, and service compromises.

Trusted access & privacy

M2M access and authenticity checks of devices and services, with privacy protection as well as sharing of credential templates with 3rd parties.

Interoperability & connectivity

Build a decentralized IoT security infrastructure, based on distributed ledger technology, for an open IoT and identity ecosystem.

Cost efficiency

Predictable costs & fast ROI in comparison to alternative solutions, like Public Key Infrastructures or other methods, through reducing the IoT security overhead, maintenance and operational costs.

Modular, flexible & open

Faster and more versatile integration of IoT use cases through our containerized platform, leverage of existing enterprise IT/OT as well as through a standardized identity framework.

The support you need

We support you - be it a required customization or the integration and operation of our IoT platform in sensitive production and operational environments!

Made for enterprises and IoT ecosystems

We address manufacturers of equipment, electronics, machines, cyber systems, semiconductors and sensors, as well as software, service providers and network operators
Service Smart Factory & Industrial IoT
Service Transport & Logistics
Service Smart Home & Building
Service Automotive & Mobility
Service Environment & Farming
Service Wearables & Health Care Devices

About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2019, filancore is an innovative company with a high expertise in Self-Sovereign Identity and Distributed Ledger Technology. We help customers in ensuring that their IoT devices and data can be trusted and managed easily.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the current (Industrial) IoT security challenges of enterprises and ecosystems to connect and protect digital resources and services.

Our Technology

Based on decentralized identities, verifiable credentials and the IOTA distributed ledger, we provide a scalable identity management and security solution for your IoT use case.


  • Machine identities need to be trusted from the moment of inception throughout their life cycle. Filancore’s innovation is helping to bring the future of cloud-native authentication and authorization to the Venafi ecosystem.

Kevin Bocek, VP, Ecosystem and Threat Intelligence


  • Protecting our devices and sharing their data with efficient and secure methods is key for ETO to build our new IIoT business models. We are absolutely convinced by filancore's approach to use Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for machines and IoT devices. It is a very innovative way to build trust in the digital world.

Benjamin Bönisch, VP Corporate Development and Strategy


  • Filancore has made massive contributions to the IOTA Identity framework. They went above and beyond to help IOTA Identity towards a beta release. They are experts in decentralized identity and IOTA and were a pleasure to work with.

Jelle Millenaar, Lead of Identity

IOTA Foundation

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We believe in challenging the status quo and making the world more secure