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Identity Gateway

Build a strong foundation for your digital business



Anchor your identities on state-of-the-art distributed ledgers


Convenient device, identity & credential management


Monetize and share IoT data through a decentralized marketplace


Analyze and relay your data streams securely


Establish secure connections between ecosystems

OEM, Industrial IoT & Sensor Suppliers

Control access of anything or anyone

Smart Home / Building

Intelligent building and smart home systems, networks and applications with guarantee of confidentiality and authenticity of data to protect customer privacy and personal data transfers.

Environment / Farming

Higher productivity, predictability and sustainability in agriculture and for the environment. From smart field management to advanced environmental analytics with IoT devices and sensors.


Advanced orchestration of hardware, firmware, edge environments and infrastructure through management of decentralized Industrial IoT (IIoT) identities.

Smart City

From smart city devices to citizen value. We empower smart cities with trusted connectivity, be it for urban delivery, sustainability, smart infrastructure or traffic monitoring and management.

Automotive / Mobility

We enable the vision of trusted autonomous mobility with security throughout the entire vehicle, services and infrastructures, across stakeholders in R&D, manufacturing and aftermarkets.

Health Care

Enabling use cases like remote monitoring of vital data, privacy-compliant audit trails for medical devices and personnel, secure online pharmacies and proof of authenticity for prescriptions.

Key Benefits

Enabling the Industrial IoT ecosystem
Service Full Interoperability through standards
Service Cost-effectiveness
Service Self-Sovereign Identity, no third-party dependencies
Service Customized to your specific use-case
Service Resilient through decentralization
Service Highly versalite


  • Machine identities need to be trusted from the moment of inception throughout their life cycle. Filancore’s innovation is helping to bring the future of cloud-native authentication and authorization to the Venafi ecosystem.

Kevin Bocek, VP, Ecosystem and Threat Intelligence


  • Protecting our devices and sharing their data with efficient and secure methods is key for ETO to build our new IIoT business models. We are absolutely convinced by filancore's approach to use Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) for machines and IoT devices. It is a very innovative way to build trust in the digital world.

Benjamin Bönisch, VP Corporate Development and Strategy


  • Filancore has made massive contributions to the IOTA Identity framework. They went above and beyond to help IOTA Identity towards a beta release. They are experts in decentralized identity and IOTA and were a pleasure to work with.

Jelle Millenaar, Lead of Identity

IOTA Foundation

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